Hey, I'm Majdi

I am highly motivated and enthusiastic iOS Engineer.

Friendly, mature and flexible individual with excellent communication and social skills developed through my involvement in both professional and social activities.

I enjoy sharing my efficiencies and learning from others.

My passion for mobile development is my key to success.

I am a graduate engineer with two master's degrees and one bachelor's degree in computer science.

Wallet Board

It is an amazing app for managing, controlling and keep track of your expenses and income.

Technologies used

Swift Version: Swift 5
UI: SwiftUI
Framework: Combine, Chart, Core Data
Version Control: Bitbucket
CI/CD: AppCenter
Design: Figma

Used by app developers all over the world.

Currency Exchange+

This is an easy and powerful currency conversion application specialised for ease of use and readability. More than 250 currencies and exchange rates are available. The speaking function of the calculation result is very convenient for traveling abroad.

Technologies Used

Swift Version: Swift 5
UI: SwiftUI
Framework: Combine, Chart, Core Data
Version Control: Bitbucket
CI/CD: AppCenter
Design: Figma

Future Improvement

- Ability to send money abroad
- Add bitcoin Currency
- Charts of the value of your favorite currencies.

My Task Manager.

Coming soon

Crisp images

Nothing gives a serious impression as much as good imagery. MRKTNG only uses the crispest images.

Grid layout

The MRKTNG layout is based on grids and adjusts smoothly between different screen sizes.


Coming soon

Use magic to make your application stand out even more than before.

Easy to use

It doesn't get any easier than this. Simply edit images and text and you'll be ready to launch.

Fitness Tracker

Coming soon

Instant publishing

Publish your changes the instant that you're happy with them. No waiting for anything — amazing!

Global colors

Change the global color swatches and see your colors change everywhere.

Scalable design

No matter how many visitors your site gets you can feel safe that MRKTNG will handle the load.

SEO optimized

Make sure that search engines can index your content by editing your meta and title tags.

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What our users are saying about us.

Those are the feedback submitted on the App Store.

"This is very useful and easy to use😊it is very useful when I would like to know is it worth to buy something abroad or not or when is the best time to exchange some money over.!"
"Excellent app! This app helps me so much on daily basis!"
"Great app without get bothered by the ads, the rates are up to date.
The awesome part of the app it give me the nearest exchange shops."

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